Green Turquoise Earrings

About Green Turquoise Earrings

Have you ever had a piece of jewelry that you found yourself treasuring more than any others in your collection? For me, hands down, the magical piece of jewelry in my life is my pair of green turquoise earrings.

About Green Turquoise Earrings

If I was writing a love poem to my green turquoise earrings, I would hardly know where to begin! There are so many reasons why these are my favorite piece of jewelry. First and foremost, my green turquoise earrings were a gift from someone very special in my life – my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I had been dating for a few months, and we were in that time of our relationship where I wasnt sure how serious he felt about me or if we had a real future together. Then, one night, he took me out to dinner and surprised me with a gift of these perfect green turquoise earrings. They were stunning. I knew then that he loved me, and that I wanted to spend many more months with him, if not longer!

I also love my green turquoise earrings because they go with everything. I can dress them up with a dress and heels, or dress them down with jeans and nice top. My green turquoise earrings look good with black, white and brown almost all the colors in my wardrobe. I have brown hair and brown eyes, and my green turquoise earrings look great with my skin tone and even make my eyes sparkle a little more.

Green Turquoise Earrings Bring Good Luck

Theres another reason why I simply adore my green turquoise earrings. Every time I wear them, it feels like things always go my way. Now, I am not going to claim that green turquoise earrings are truly magical. It just feels that way. But Im not the only one who feels that way. In many Native American traditions, turquoise is prized because it represents happiness and good fortune. I love that the cultural traditions behind my green turquoise earrings make them feel even more special.

I was wearing my green turquoise earrings during the interview where I landed my current job. They looked classy and sophisticated with my professional business suit. I also wore my green turquoise earrings to my sisters wedding. And I wear my green turquoise earrings on every special occasion with my boyfriend, because they remind me of the moment when we first truly committed to loving each other. I hope every woman can have a piece of jewelry that she treasures as much as I treasure my green turquoise earrings.

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