Ippolita Turquoise Earrings

About Ippolita Turquoise Earrings

Turquoise is one of the hottest gemstones being used to make jewelry today. It has a crisp color that pops out and is attractive to people. Fashion jewelry designer Ippolita understands this which is why she used it in her Ippolita turquoise earrings. Her reputation as one of New York’s best designer jewelry names continues to grow and influence on people.

History of Ippolita Turquoise Earrings

Ippolita turquoise earrings have been around since 2000 when Ippolita was finally able to move away from costume jewelry and to make high end jewelry with gemstones and precious metals. She used her personal name to create Ippolita turquoise earrings and to market them in fashion boutiques across the US.

Ippolita turquoise earrings are always on the cusp of fashion. They are made with both classic ideas and the latest trends in mind. What comes out are Ippolita turquoise earrings worth wearing any day of the year. Ippolita only uses the finest turquoise stone to make her Ippolita turquoise earrings so they have a flawless look. Currently, Ippolita turquoise earrings can also be found matched with other precious gem stones like onyx, tiger eye, and diamonds as well as being inlaid into gold and silver.

Ippolita turquoise earrings come in many different styles. Some Ippolita turquoise earrings are simple but elegant studs with a little bit of design to match. Other pairs can be found as chandelier or dangle earrings. Only a few Ippolita turquoise earrings are made in the hoop style. Those are more rare. Surprisingly, Ippolita turquoise earrings are fairly evenly priced across the board comparing styles. They seem to be priced more with the gemstones and designer name themselves in mind than for quantity of metal or size.

Ippolita turquoise earrings and other jewelry from this designer are incredibly popular among celebrities. In fact, a visit to the company website will show you lots of pictures of celebs found wearing Ippolita turquoise earrings. They are worn at all sorts of time of the day from doing errands to viewing basketball games to movie premieres. Ippolita turquoise earrings are everywhere to be found among the rich and famous. It is then not surprising that other designers are now making earrings very similar to Ippolita turquoise earrings so that the style is available to all.

Ippolita turquoise earrings are sassy but smart and look good on any fashion conscious woman. They make a great gift or a guilty pleasure. There’s nothing but fun in wearing them.

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