Turquoise Drop Earrings

About Turquoise Drop Earrings

There is nothing quite as soul-satisfying as a piece of turquoise jewelry. Turquoise drop earrings can range in color from pale green to a bright, sky-blue. Look closely! Turquoise drop earrings may contain a lovely series of faint lines throughout, known as a spiderweb matrix. Top-quality turquoise stones are an aggregate of dense crystals that form a solid, brilliant gemstone.

Often, turquoise drop earrings have a smooth, waxy feel. This waxy luster is heavy and cool, soothing and mystical. The deep polish of turquoise drop earrings, their unforgettable, startling color, make them some of the most sought-after jewelry in the world.

History of Turquoise Drop Earrings

The ancient culture surrounding turquoise drop earrings is a venerable heritage. Gems fashioned into turquoise drop earrings were among the very first to be mined, and so many original sites are now depleted of stones. Small operations exist where the stones are mined by hand in places like Iran. Turquoise drop earrings of lovely, robin’s-egg blue are also called ‘Persian blue’.

On a larger scale, turquoise is often recovered along with copper mining. The gems used in turquoise drop earrings have been mined in this way for 2.000 years in Iran; its intense blue described there as ‘heaven on earth’. The gemstones were used to cover entire domes of Iranian palaces.

The Southwest United States also contains some rich turquoise mines. The gems used in turquoise drop earrings were mined with stone tools by pre-Columbian Native Americans. The Navajo tribe became skilled in fashioning sharply-contrasted turquoise drop earrings, inlaid rings and necklaces with the brilliant shine of silver and the deep, sky color of turquoise. Turquoise is the most common gemstone in Native American jewelry.

New Mexico is thought to be the location of the very oldest turquoise mines. New Mexico was once the largest US producer of turquoise, but these mines have become exhausted today.

Some gems of the quality used in turquoise drop earrings are mined in Arizona now. A number of mines producing gems for turquoise drop earrings are operating there today. Active mines include the Blue Bird Mine, Castle Dome and Ithaca Peak. The turquoise needed for turquoise drop earrings occurs as seam, or vein-filling nuggets. Although sometimes nuggets rivaling Iranian gems in quality are found, much of American turquoise is considered of lower quality than that found in turquoise drop earrings.

Turquoise drop earrings are valued today for their deep, integrated color combinations and their ancient beginnings. The gems used in turquoise drop earrings will always be treasured.

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