Turquoise Slab Earrings

About Turquoise Slab Earrings

The History of Turquoise Slab Earrings

Many confuse turquoise to be stone, but because its formation it is considered more like a mineral. Because of the arid conditions where it develops, it forms from other pre-existing elements like copper or iron as a result of oxidation. To be clear, it would be considered more like a gem. The word ‘turquoise’, is derived from an old French word that means Turkey, generally because when it was named during the 16th century, the trade was coming from that region. Our admiration for the mineral is present in architecture throughout the world. It has a rich history with many civilizations going back as far as the early age. Turquoise is very much embraced in Native American culture and seen in the majority of jewelry that comes from tribes such as the Navajo, Zuni, Pueblo and Apache tribes. Turquoise slab earrings are especially very popular for their heavy ancestral symbolism throughout the culture,

Turquoise Slab Earrings in Modern Society

The beauty of turquoise slab earrings is unlike any other. Depending on the mixture from the pre-existing minerals that were present in their area will determine their color. The turquoise gem color spectrum ranges from yellowish-green to various blue tones – which can determine the quality of the gem.

Most mainstream jewelry stores will carry turquoise slab earrings if they are related to birth stones or if they cater to that market but generally this medium is used by many independent jewelers as art pieces but a good selection of turquoise slab earrings are offered through higher end boutiques that have a less conventional approach. On the other end, because of their symbolic value to Native American culture, turquoise slab earrings are offered through reservation stores or catalogues.

Currently because of their popularity because of their color, turquoise slab earrings are also created to simulate turquoise either using glass or artificial properties which are made to cut costs, so they are less expensive. The supply to make turquoise slab earrings in the United States relies more on mines in the California region and Nevada since the mines in New Mexico and Arizona might be at this point, exhausted but remain a very valuable material.

What Turquoise Slab Earrings are Used For

All jewelry has a type of beauty that expresses a certain craft in stone, gem with the quality and its formation either natural or by hand. With turquoise slab earrings, the slab formation has a very simple process to cut allowing it to be more represented in a natural formation of crystallization but is more profound in this shape allowing gravity to do the work, perhaps in the attempt to direct its origins back to the earth.

Turquoise slab earrings have a connection with many cultures about good health and good luck. These are often used during wedding ceremonies for this purpose. In traditional Native American jewelry, turquoise slab earrings are also ceremonial representations of a connection to the ancestors of the tribe and the earth. Turquoise slab earrings are very commonly used with silver and wood over other elements because of its contrast in order for it to stand out.

While turquoise slab earrings might be considered a bit nontraditional in modern society, turquoise slab earrings are still very eye catching pieces of beauty that spreads good feelings through the soul of everyone who sees them.

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